Tourist attractions, outdoor activities and sightseeing in Eger and the surrounding areas.


Eger has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Today's Eger was formed in the 10th century by St. Stephen (997–1038), the first Christian king of Hungary, who founded an Episcopal See in Eger. Eger is strategically located at the foothills of Bükk Mountain and the Northern edges of the Great Hungarian Plane (Alföld). Eger is ideally located to become the base, both for individuals, families and groups, for visiting many interesting and famous touristic sites and outdoor activities, like tracking, picnic, hunting, skiing, etc.

Eger is situated 130 km to the East from the Capital City of Budapest and 1h 20 min. drive by highway from the international airport.

In 1985 Hungary joined the World Heritage Convention and integrated it into the Hungarian legal system. Since then Hungary has been awarded 8 World Heritage sites of which 4 are in convenient reach from Eger. The year in bracket is the registration year of UNESCO when the site was included in its list.

  • Hollókő old village and its surroundings (Cultural category-1987)
  • The joint karst/dolomite caves of Aggtelek(Hungary) and Slovakia (Natural category-1995)
  • National Park of Hortobágy and Puszta-moorland (Cultural landscape) (1999)
  • The cultural landscape of the historical wine region of Tokaj-foothills (Cultural landscape) (2002)
  • Hunting: Three well known hunting grounds can be easily accessed from Eger: Mátra Mountain, Tokaj hills and Poroszló (on the Great Hungarian Plane). Interested parties can hunt for: wild boar, deer, also Hirsch (stag and hind), moufflon, rabbit, pheasant, geese, duck, etc. depending on the hunting seasons.
  • Skiing: Facilities are available on the slopes of Mátra and Bükk Mountains within one hours drive from Eger. Some places have snow cannons for assuring continuous snow during winter.
  • Thermal baths andSpa: Hungary is well known for its natural hot springs baths. Eger and its surroundings offer one of the best spa and wellness areas of Hungary.
  • Wine: Hungary has 22 wine districts four of them are easily reachable from Eger. Bull blood (Egri Bikavér), Star of Eger (Egri Csillag-white wine), and the world famous wines from Tokaj specially should be mentioned.
  • Marzipan museum: exhibition of the products of the multiple World Champion marzipan Master Lajos Kopcsik.
  • Pedestrian streets. Eger is having excellent dentists.


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