Menu for wine tasting

1. menu

  • Cracking scones
  • Caesar salad
  • Hungarian soup with liver dumplings
  • Chicken breast Hungarian style with parsley rise
  • Yogurt cake

2. menu

  • Cracking scones
  • Salad with meat Chef Style
  • Hungarian rich meat soup
  • Chicken breast with honey-mustard sauce with rise and fruit
  • Gundel pancake

3. menu

  • Goose liver cream with butter
  • Meat ball soup
  • Meat pancake Egedhegy style
  • Roast goose onion mashed potatoes, with steamed cabbage in wine
  • Delicacy of Somló

4. menu

  • Goose liver cream with butter
  • Rooster-goulash Szeged Style
  • Strudel stuffed with marrow and mushroom sauce
  • Stewed pork in wine with roasted potatoes
  • Stuffed peach with vanilla sauce

5. menu

  • Spicy cottage cheese cream
  • Hungarian traditional rich soup
  • Goose liver in bacon with roasted mushroom
  • Stewed slice of beef in Bikavér sauce mixed garnish
  • Pancake with plum sauce and poppy seed

6. menu

  • Spicy cottage cheese cream
  • Hunter soup
  • Gambrinus pancake style
  • Pork meat Dubarry style with mashed potatoes
  • Debrői cup

7. menu

  • Spice cheese balls
  • Sandor salad
  • Palóc-soup
  • Venison stew with red wine, boiled potatoes
  • Pancake Szentgyörgyi style

8. menu

  • Spice cheese balls
  • Wild boar soup with cream
  • Roasted chicken liver on rise
  • Roasted fillet of Venison with blueberry, croquette
  • Strudel cherry-cottage cheese

25.-Euro / person / 5 courses meal and tasting of 5 wines

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Our Hotel provides a perfect selection for the guests being touristis, conference participants, wine and dine connoisseurs or fitness minded visitors.