Massages/Body Treatments

  • Full body massages:
  1. Therapy massage: 5.500,-Ft 50 min
    General muscle relaxing remedial massage. Increases the activity of the organism and has stimulating effects trough strong-intensive sets.
  2. Relax massage: 5.500,-Ft 50 min
    Anti-stress effective massage with mild soothing agents, helps the recreation and energizing of the body.
  3. Refreshing grape massage: 5.500,-Ft 50 min
    Product containing grape extract deeply moisturizes the skin, through high vitamin and antioxidant content and cytoprotective effect.
  • Part body massages:
  1. Back massage: 3.500,-Ft 30 min
    Treatment includes the area of the hip-waist and neck-shoulder, loosening muscle knots, improving blood circulation.
  2. Facial massage: 2.500,-Ft 20 min
    Refreshing-flexibilising the face and décolleté skin, perfect for relaxation.
  3. Foot massage: 2.500,-Ft 25 min
    Invigorates blood circulation, recommended for anyone, who wants relieved, pampered feet.
  • Beauty Spa treatment:
  1. Paprika therapy: 6.500,-Ft 60 min
    Body treatment with warming effect against cellulite, ideal complement to skin tightening, and detoxification.
  2. Green algae slimming: 6.500,-Ft 60 min
    Natural body treatments, focusing on the problematic areas, with algae extract products.
  3. Silk & collagen facial nutrition: 5.500,-Ft 45 min
    Nourishing, soothing treatment, during which the lymphatic system is cleared, the wrinkles are smoothed. The face becomes younger, and relaxed.
  • Special treatment:
  1. Lava stone massage: 8.500,- Ft 80 min
    Excellent relaxing, heat-therapeutic massage. Recreating, harmonizing, fills the body and spirit with life energy.
  2. Coconut-chocolate treatment: 9.000,- Ft 80 min
    After complete scrub it contains a vitamin-rich skin nourishment. Skin softening, revitalizing, anti-aging and by the chocolate it’s a real anti-depressant.
  3. Empress Care: 10.500,-Ft 80 min
    Complex pampering from head to toe, in which the total relaxation is guaranteed. You will feel as reborn after this treatment.
  4. Pille massage for children: 3.000,-Ft 30 min
    Light massage with fruit-mousse cream.

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