Massages/Body Treatments

  • Full body massages:
  1. Medical massage: 6.900,- 30 min., 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Activating the body"

    The aim of the treatment is to stimulate blood and lymph circulation and to alleviate physical muscle pain. Strong-intensive grips help the body to heal itself.
  2. Relax massage: 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Let the body rest"

    The aim of the treatment is emotional and physical stress relief. It provides a soothing, relaxed state by using gentle massage techniques.
  3. Grape seed magic: 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Immense healing power in a tiny seed"

    Refreshing treatment. In protects the cells, vitalizes and beautifies the skin. Grape seed oil has a high antioxidant effect and can be used for all skin types.
  4. Aroma massage: 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Fresh fragrance magic"

    It combines the beneficial effects of refreshing massage and essential oils. The aim of the treatment is to relax the body and ensure a sense of well-being by following a series of gentle extended movements.
  5. Vintage massage: 6.900,-Ft 30 min., 12.500.-Ft 50 min.
    "Minutes for the older age"

    A series of gentle massages created especially for our elderly guests. It purpose is to revitalize and renew aged skin.
  6. Pille "Chidren's favorite" massage 5.000,-Ft 30 min.
    A relaxing massage specially prepared for our young guests, using a light fruit foam.
  • Partial massages:
  1. Back massage: 6.900,- 30 min.
    Intensive treatment against everyday strain and fatigue. Its purpose is to relax the tight muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle, back and waist, paying particular attention to the muscle knots.
  2. Foot massage: 5.500,-Ft 25 min.
    Our feet, a miniature map of our body. A complete massaging of the reflex zones of the legs and soles enhances the body's self-healing.
  • Premium treatments:
  1. Lava stone massage: 19.500,- Ft 80 min.
    "Exotic experience"
    A harmonizing , heat therapy treatment that helps energy flow. In addition to relaxing the body, the soul is also renewed.
  2. Peeling massage 19.500,-Ft 80 min.
    "A pleasant treat"
    After a full body exfoliation, the treatment prepares the skin for easier absorption of the warm oil. It eases the mind and provides a pleasant state of mind.
  3. Queen massage 19.500,-Ft 80 min.
    "Pomp from head to toe"
    A full-body rejuvenation created especially for our female guests. The treatment includes body scrubbing, oil massage and nourishing wrap.
  4. King massage 19.500,-Ft 80 min.
    "Pomp from head to toe"
    Let all our dear male guests recharge in royal fashion. The treatment includes body scrubbing, oil massage and nourishing wrap.
  5. Bounty massage 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Delicious heart booster"
    The wonderful pairing of coconut and chocolate helps the treatment to tighten and soften the skin. It has an active role in the production of happiness hormones.
  6. Tibetan honey massage: 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    "Liquid gold"

    We work the honey into the skin using special techniques and detoxify the body of waste products by achieving a vacuum effect. Honey cares for, protects and nourishes the skin.

Facial treatment

Our facial treatments include:
-Cleansing with micellar water
-Special massage
-Cream wrap

  1. ANTI-AGING 12.500,-Ft 50 min.
    The beautifying power of collagen.
  2. LIFTING 12.500,- 50 min.
    The firming power of hyaluronic acid.
  3. LIFE ELIXIR 12.500,- 50 min.
    The healing power of apricots.
  4. SWEET DREAMS 12.500,- 50 min.
    The revitalizing power of chocolate.

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