Massages/Body Treatments

  • Full body massages:
  1. Therapy massage: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    General muscle relaxing remedial massage. Increases the activity of the organism and has stimulating effects trough strong-intensive sets.
  2. Relax massage: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    Anti-stress effective massage with mild soothing agents, helps the recreation and energizing of the body.
  3. Refreshing grape massage: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    Product containing grape extract deeply moisturizes the skin, through high vitamin and antioxidant content and cytoprotective effect.
  4. Aromatherapy massage: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    The massage with aromatherapy oil, consisting of long, smoothing movements, relaxes the whole body. From the muscles and joints, all tensions and stiffness are released as a result of the streching movements, the metabolic processes of the tissues and the supply of oxygen are improved as the end and lymphatic circulation are increased.
  5. "Intoxication", warm oil massage: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    Full body massage treatment with oil heated and kept warm. A massage with long smoothing, lightly rubbing, sometimes kneading movements, which relaxes the whole body.
  • Part body massages:
  1. Back massage: 4.900,-Ft 30 min
    Treatment includes the area of the hip-waist and neck-shoulder, loosening muscle knots, improving blood circulation.
  2. Facial and cleavage massage: 4.900,-Ft 20 min
    Refreshing-flexibilising the face and décolleté skin, perfect for relaxation.
  3. Foot massage: 4.900,-Ft 25 min
    Invigorates blood circulation, recommended for anyone, who wants relieved, pampered feet.
  • Beauty Spa treatment:
  1. Green algae slimming: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    Natural body treatments, focusing on the problematic areas, with algae extract products.
  2. Silky vanilla for collagen body and facial massage: 11.500,-Ft 80 min
    Collagen is a very important protein, making up more than 80% of human skin. Howewer, aging and excessive sun exposure deplee the body's collagen content, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and smoothness. Howewer, the youth of our skin can be restored with various collagen treatments.
  3. Shea butter body treatment: 8.500,-Ft 50 min
    In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, your skin will surely crave this. Nourishing body butter makes even very dry skin silky soft, and the pleasantly almond scent stays with you all day long.
  4. Tibetian honey massage: 5.500,-Ft 30 min
    The active ingredients penetrate deep under the skin, detoxify the tissues under the skin, and then the effect of the vacuum sucks out the slag substances accumulated in the skin.
  • Special treatment:
  1. Lava stone massage: 11.500,- Ft 80 min
    Excellent relaxing, heat-therapeutic massage. Recreating, harmonizing, fills the body and spirit with life energy.
  2. Coconut-chocolate treatment: 8.500,- Ft 50 min
    After complete scrub it contains a vitamin-rich skin nourishment. Skin softening, revitalizing, anti-aging and by the chocolate it’s a real anti-depressant.
  3. Queen Care: 12.500,-Ft 80 min
    Complex pampering from head to toe, in which the total relaxation is guaranteed. You will feel as reborn after this treatment.
  4. Ultrasonic facial treatment: 5.000,-Ft 25 min
    There are three types of color therapy treatments for different skin therapies.
  5. Pille massage for children: 3.000,-Ft 30 min
    Light massage with fruit-mousse cream.

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